My illustrated stories for children.

My latest story, one of fifteen at the time of writing, is about A cat called Jack, who is homeless and hungry. He snatches a fish and is chased by an angry man. Jack jumps on board a boat to hide, and eat his catch. When he creeps out, the boat is out at sea. The captain is friendly and wants a cat to 'deal' with all the rats and mice on the boat. Jack is friends with many rats and mice. He wants to keep his new home and please the captain, so he pretends to be hunting the unwelcome passenger rats and mice. They celebrte having more babies. Jack is worried incase the Captain thinks he is not doing his job and does not want to keep him. What will happen? Jacks new home is purr fect. He does not want to loose it. What happens at a place in Cornwall, SW England, called Mousehole? Yes, there really is a place called that, though it is pronounced Mowsel. What happens when Jack gets off the boat to visit his old friends when the boat is back where they started out, and he comes back the boat has gone? No! Has his new purr fect life come to an end and he is back to being homeless and hungry?

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